Veganism definitely isn’t a fad, totally agree. However, I wouldn’t say that there is a right vs wrong perspective. Ultimately, we’re all just doing our best and trying to find what works for both our bodies and lifestyles.

I haven’t completely turned my back on veganism. Honestly, I still have completely vegan days, even weeks!

Kindness and compassion to the animals and our planet is of course very dear to my heart, but I also had to consider my health. Where I live, things like tofu and seitan are not available, and I also didn’t want to consume these processed foods, so getting enough protein was extremely difficult, and made me have to resort to eating quite high-carb. Right now, I am consuming a low-carb diet and I’m finally feeling good again. I tried being low-carb as a vegan and it was very challenging.

I eat completely natural already actually, and consume less processed foods as a vegetarian than I did as a vegan!

A 20-something global citizen, entrepreneur, polyglot, and traveler. Here to inspire you to become better every single day. | IG: razanecherk

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